Wednesday, December 19, 2018

TSC Assembler

Yes, thanks to Monty McGraw over the CCTalk email listWe find it by scrolling down to "tsc" on :

And direct TSC "suite" download at:

And even MORE documentation at:

I'm so glad I asked, and Monty responded.  I didn't find that from any Google search, that's for certain.

From wiki, although the page doesn't mention TSC Assembler, the image example does...

Here's the places that Google directs us to find "TSC Assembler" (other than this site/page):

If this fails:

Then (thankfully, I archived it on December 3rd, 2018).

And, I even archived the TSC Assembler page myself here (although it seems to lack that nifty spiral-bound background).

The original?

(I archived it here, and removed some 2-page PDF Formatting)


FLEX Assembler?





My PDF Archive at: (not public)